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43 is an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine.

details of 43 magazine on the left, and another skateboard magazine on the right, to show the difference between stochastic and traditional screen, offset printing.


on our about page, we mention that 43 is printed offset, sheet-fed, and stochastic. we thought it was time to explain what this means, since we’re always excited about it.

most skateboard magazines are printed on a web-fed press, which basically means the paper is fed from a roll into the printing area. as compared to a sheet-fed press, a web-fed press typically limits the quality of paper usable, as well as the size of the ink droplets making images.

with traditional screening, ink drops hit the paper in a rosette pattern, with relatively large drops of ink, and therefore less dots per inch – a lower resolution.

with stochastic printing, the drops of ink hit the paper in a randomized pattern, similar to a photograph, and with much smaller drops of ink, 10-20 micron, allowing more dots per inch, achieving a high resolution image.

the images above are details of 43 and another skateboard magazine, showing what the difference between stochastic and traditional screen printing looks like. the bottom 2 images show how much magnification is needed to even see the ink dots in 43.

you won’t see this much magnification with your eyes, but the difference in print quality is easily noticeable, and now you can understand how and why.

left: alex olson – frontside ollie – by jonathan mehring – manhattan, new york – 2013
right: ben gore – ollie over leo valls – san francisco, california – by richard hart – 2014


 closing spread for the aaron herrington interview

frontside smith grind – manhattan, new york – 2014

interview & photography by allen ying

“When I started skating for Polar I was 22, and shortly after Pontus [Alv] was asking me how I felt about turning pro. I was working two jobs, and filming for The Brodies and Static IV. I told Pontus I didn’t want to turn pro ‘til Static was out and I was 25. When I was younger I would’ve just said yes and hopped on the idea, but after working and balancing out filming and skating, I wanted to feel that I deserved it and wanted people to think it was appropriate.”


 opening spread for the al davis interview

fence wallie over gate – montreal, canada – 2014

photography by allen ying
interview by anthony g. pappalardo

If you want to cash in on skating, there’s a definite path now. But you don’t seem to treat it like a job. Why go the other way?

It seems too staged, man. Me and the GX crew aren’t about that part of skating. We’re just going on our instincts and how we were raised on skating. If I try to force something, it just gets fucked up, so I go with the flow.
I could be like, “Let’s do this, right now, let’s go! Get the generator, let’s call up the photographer, blah blah.” I have done that before, but it doesn’t feel right.”


left: jake johnson – switch pole jam – los angeles, california – by jared sherbert – 2012
right: victor garibay – frontside boardslide – los angeles, california – by cameron strand – 2014


issue 005 main info
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vice uk interviewed our publisher, allen ying, about some of his favorite spreads in 43 005.


huck magazine included 43 on their list of top skate related things of 2014.


we’re excited to announce that stoops magazine is here!
stoops is a brand new, all new york city, skateboard magazine.

please join us this friday!

stoops magazine launch photography show

friday, march 13th, 2015

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manhattan, new york

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we recently added to our online store:

seconds magazine – new zealand – issue 05
grey skate mag – volume 02 issue 06
43 magazine – back issue – issue 003 – a new york city issue

we just received 75 copies of 43 003 back in stock from our printer! this all new york city issue has been our most sought after issue, and has been sold out pretty much since it came out. this is the last chance to get one!

click here to see more info and preview images, and to order some!

in the interest of freedom of press and speech, please take a few moments to reflect on the recent assault on charlie hebdo in paris. with the concept of raising awareness at the core of 43′s mission, it is important for us to recognize this was an attack on all media, publishing, and forms of expression.

thank you.

43 magazine – issue 005 – jan-jun 2015
released dec 16, 2014
2,500 copies printed
10 3/8″ x 10 3/8″
40 pages

front cover:
al davis – kickflip – montreal, canada – 2014 – by allen ying

back cover:
joel meinholz – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2010 – by allen ying

aaron herrington, al davis

al davis, victor garibay, ben gore, aaron herrington, jake johnson, chris jones, kevin long, zach lyons, adrian mallory, tony manfre, joel meinholz, flo mirtain, alex olson, tino razo, jordan taylor

ben colen, richard hart, nicolas huynh, jonathan mehring, eric palozzolo, andrew peters, alex schmidt, jared sherbert, cameron strand, allen ying

anthony g. pappalardo, allen ying

5boro, atlas, chapman, cliche, huf, ripndip, scumco & sons, shut

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a sample of issue 005

from dec 16-21, 2014, we had a photography show at heron arts
in san francisco, california, to celebrate the release of issue 005.

these are some photos of the show and from the opening reception.

the show featured photographs from issue 004 & 005.


ryan lay, jordan taylor, jordan trahan, ernie torres, joel meinholz, and al davis.


yonnie cruz, tony manfre, gilbert crockett, and curren caples.



al davis has the cover, a full interview in issue 005, and a mouth full of
sunflower seeds; and he just turned pro the week before, congrats!



 terry barentsen, marina forte, and tatum mangus.


annette hartman and kate kilgour.


hats, shirts, and skateboards from 5boro and scumco & sons
were raffled off to those who purchased magazines.



ben gore(left) ollies over leo valls, shot by richard hart(right);
as seen in issue 005, as well as magenta’s old woops new groove.


checking out aaron herrington’s interview in issue 005.


al davis.


patrick beaudouin and 80s joe staley.


johann the dog and friends.


cameron strand and his photo of victor garibay from issue 005.


cameron strand and friends with his photo of ernie torres from issue 004.


dave chami and evan kinori.


checking out the photo of jordan taylor shot by alex schmidt.


this is a little video of the show a day before the opening.


thanks everyone for joining us!

issue 005 is out now, featuring interviews with aaron herrington and al davis.
find it locally or order one direct.

thanks jenny houser, kate kilgour, and nich kunz for helping out,
510, 5boro, scumco & sons, and vans for the support,
anchor brewing for the beer,
and heron arts for hosting us!

view more on 43′s facebook page.