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43 is an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine.

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43 supports local skateboard shops around the world and the culture they create.
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opening spread for the ryan lay interview

frontside nosegrind – brooklyn, new york – 2013

photography by allen ying
interview by adam salo

 “I don’t know what [a pro career] even means anymore. I don’t want to be fatalistic about skateboarding but I kind of don’t really see it. I feel like a lot of companies have so much overhead, and part of the success of these smaller brands is that they are so lean and can adapt quickly and take risks. I think those smaller companies are much more realistic about their goals and intentions.”


 opening spread for the yonnie cruz interview

ollie, backside 50-50 – manhattan, new york – 2013

photography by allen ying
interview by anthony g. pappalardo

What’s apparent in talking to Yonnie is his passion for skateboarding and the appreciation for the lifestyle it’s given him. There’s no talk of currency – only legacy and the commitment to carrying on the lineage of Southern Florida and East Coast skateboarding as a whole, as it was presented to him as a teen.

“It’s an adrenaline rush finding something awesome and having to do tricks before you get kicked out. It all comes with the feeling that your own skateboard gives you. I like looking where no one wants to and trying to go down every dead end.”


 opening spread for the danilo parra interview

portrait by bryan derballa
interview by allen ying

“The señora really eyed me up and down as I acted like an awkward mute; I moved my hands up and down like I was air juggling. I was ushered to the roof where I sat in a trashed up room by myself for an hour awaiting the street girls. When they finally showed up they started smoking rubber cement mixed with crack, reenacting their seductive robbery techniques, and having a dance party. I filmed it all on a flipcam, then snuck out to find the rest of the film crew just chilling comfortably at a nearby restaurant. It’s a tough life being a street juggler.”

danilo parra is an artist interviewed in this issue. this is his 2014 demo reel. please check danilop.com and vimeo.com/danilop for some full pieces and trailers.


left: curren caples – frontside hurricane – los angeles, california – by anthony acosta – 2013
right: al davis – wallie backside 180 – san francisco, california – by eric palozzolo – 2013


issue 004 main info
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43 magazine – issue 004 – may-oct 2014
released apr 15, 2014
2,800 copies printed
10 3/8″ x 10 3/8″
40 pages

front cover:
willy akers – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2013 – by zander taketomo

back cover:
sylvester eduardo – hardflip – queens, new york – 2013 – by allen ying

ryan lay, yonnie cruz, danilo parra

willy akers, raney beres, curren caples, gilbert crocket, yonnie cruz, al davis, sylvester eduardo, louie lopez, aaron ‘jaws’ homoki, ryan lay, jeremy leabres, ernie torres, jordan trahan, ishod wair

anthony acosta, bryan derballa, jonathan mehring, eric palozzolo, aaron smith, cameron strand, zander taketomo, xeno tsarnas, allen ying

anthony g. pappalardo, adam salo, allen ying

5boro, atlas, huf, polar, traffic, shut, vans

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a sample of issue 004

contents spread

bobby puleo – switch backside nosegrind – lower manhattan – nov 2007

43 is the only skateboard magazine based in new york city.
003 is a slice of recent skateboarding in the city we live and skate.


opening spread for “photographs 1″

jordan trahan – 360 flip – flushing meadows park, queens – oct 2012
casey rigney –  switch ollie – the bronx – apr 2010


opening spread for “subway skating: following colin read and crew”, by allen ying


a sample of the static iv article

quim cardona – gap to noseslide – manhattan – 2013
aaron herrington – ollie – the bronx – 2012
video & 16mm stills of quim cardona, jahmal williams, and steve brandi – by josh stewart
words by adam salo


back cover

walker ryan – switch ollie up, switch wallie – downtown manhattan – sept 2012


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43 004 is now available for pre-order!

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43 supports local skateboard shops around the world and the culture they create.
call your shop, let them know what you’re looking for,
and buy from them to save on shipping.
purchase online if they won’t order it.

contact us for wholesale inquiries.

please read some recent interviews and press from winter 2014


huck magazine (england) – issue 42, dec 2013 – jan 2014

an article on recent new york city based skateboard videos, interviewing colin read, josh stewart, and allen ying, with photos of jahmal williams, connor kammerer, colin read, koki loaiza, rob gonyon, al davis, piro sierra, josh stewart, and dustin eggeling.

(click images to read)


lodown magazine (germany) – issue 89, dec/jan/feb 2014
interview/review, with photos of connor kammerer, eli reed, and eby ghafarian.

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 surf, skate & snow – contre-culture
independently published book from france,
with photos of anthony schultz and dave caddo.

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staf magazine (spain)

online interview with various preview images of the 1st 3 issues of 43.

eby ghafarian is launching an all new york city skateboard magazine, quite frankly because it would be too awesome not to. actually it’s kind of insane that it hasn’t already existed for decades. 43 issue 003, our all new york city issue, is just a taste of what stoops will be. there is a full spectrum of influential talent, projects, and potential in new york skateboarding that 43, or any other magazine, could only scratch the surface of. sure, we have various local video projects, and they’re amazing, but to be honest it’s kind of a tragedy that so little of it is photographed and displayed. the most photographed city in the world has one of the most unexposed skate scenes.

stoops is crowd funding for a reader supported first issue. you may have heard that kickstarter can be a place for indistinctive projects that don’t serve a purpose, need, or audience other than the project starter, this is obviously not the case with what stoops is offering for our community. especially if you are a skateboarder in new york, it would be a disservice to not contribute.

check it out and spread the word!

rob gonyon – frontside nosegrind – the bronx – by allen ying


matt mooney – wall street – by eby ghafarian

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