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43 is an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine.

we’re extremely excited to offer 2 unique independent skateboard magazines from europe for our north american friends:

fluff – got issues 20
from the netherlands, their 20th issue is actually 8 zines put together.

grey – volume 02 issue 02
from london, this issue featuring an aaron herrington interview.

check store.43magazine.com to see more previews, info, and to order a copy!


this is a series of photos shot in between shooting the skate photos in 43 003
- with the static iv crew, subway skating with the tengu crew, and various other
ventures while skating around new york city.

these skateboarders embody a pure spirit of skateboarding, with the talents and following that influence the growing independent, authentic, and underground scene within the larger realm of skateboarding today.

all photographs by allen ying.

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jake johnson, chris jata, austin kanfoush, turned away by a security guard.
roosevelt island, manhattan, 2012.


 ryan garshell, austin kanfoush, chris jata, aaron herrington, jake johnson.
roosevelt island, manhattan, 2012.


kevin tierney, stretch out and wait (for josh to finish filming jahmal).
downtown manhattan, 2012.


josh stewart filming jahmal williams for static iv. downtown manhattan, 2012.


dustin eggeling, quim cardona, kevin tierney, josh stewart. tribeca, manhattan, 2013.


quim cardona. tribeca, manhattan, 2013.


manhattan, 2012.


 joe bressler filming dustin eggeling. midtown manhattan, 2012.


 joe bressler. midtown manhattan, 2012.


bobby puleo. greenpoint, brooklyn, 2012.


ryan garshell. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


yonnie cruz. wiliamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


 quim cardona playing his melodica. downtown manhattan, 2012.


jason spivey just after his frontside ollie in 43 003.
downtown manhattan, 2012.


shawn powers. lower east side, manhattan, 2012.


jordan trahan, tombo colabraro, danny falla. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


dylan witkin. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


dylan witkin pushing up to his ollie over backside wallride in 43 003.
bushwick, brooklyn, 2012.


5boro crew. crown heights, brooklyn, 2012.


rob gonyon, new yorker. midtown manhattan, 2013.


joey pepper’s vintage chevy. long island city, queens, 2012.


joey pepper. long island city, queens, 2012.


joey pepper landing a water bottle on top of the handball wall.
the bronx, 2012.


al davis. navy yard, brooklyn, 2012.


eby ghafarian. navy yard, brookyln, 2012.


walker ryan just before his switch wallie on the back cover of 43 003.
downtown manhattan, 2012.


oscar meza. alphabet city, manhattan, 2012.


 connor kammerer keeping balance while skating on a moving subway car. manhattan, 2012.


colin read filming piro sierra
ollie and then kickflip from train car to train car, to train car.
manhattan, 2013.


connor kammerer. manhattan, 2012.


eby ghafarian, hurting for that smith grind. manhattan, 2012.


connor kammerer. manhattan, 2012.


if you lay on escalator handrails like this, you’ll spin. colin read. queens, 2012.


connor kammerer ollies into a subway car. manhattan, 2012.


koki loaiza getting runway to ollie the subway tracks. manhattan, 2013.


 piro sierra after hitting his knees on some train pole handles. manhattan, 2013.


for more info on the subway skating project, check mandibleclaw.com for
the trailers and dvd pre-order for tengu: god of mischief.

for more info on static iv,  check the teaser here,
and theoriesofatlantis.com for news.

stay tuned for 43 issue 004 in the coming months
by joining the 43 mailing list.


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the new york times featured allen ying’s photography in the metropolitan
(new york city) section of the sept 15, 2013, sunday times.

from the static iv article:
yonnie cruz – switch ollie – manhattan, new york – 2012

from the subway skating article:
koki loaiza – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2013
eby ghafarian – frontside smith grind – manhattan, new york – 2012

the 4th is from roof skating missions with colin read:
eby ghafarian – roll-in – manhattan, new york – 2012

the online version includes a slideshow of more photographs:
of jahmal williams, eli reed, connor kammerer, and dave caddo.

both the subway skating and roof skating projects are part of
‘tengu: god of mischief’, available for pre-order at
mandibleclaw.com (also look for the 2 trailers there)


disclaimer: the journalist who wrote the article is truly passionate about his craft, and put in extra efforts to present accurate information. we talked for quite a while, and he had far too much information to fit in a small space. it also isn’t easy for a non-skater to write about skateboarding, and to do so in a way that non-skaters can understand. it’s just too much of its own world. as a result, some of the vocabulary and quotes aren’t exactly accurate, for example referring to a skate spot as a skatepark; “breaking the law and skating” wasn’t an exact quote. in the end, my overall feelings were pretty accurately portrayed, and i am excited for the message to reach the new york times audience.

- allen ying

(originally posted july 31, 2013)

we’ve just added select prints from issue 003 to the online store.
they are archival pigment prints on cotton paper.

rectangles are available at 16″ x 20″ or 24″ x 30″.
squares are available at 20″ x 20″ or 30″ x 30″.

please have a look:

we don’t write reviews, but damn ‘eleventh hour’ premiered at sunshine cinemas here in nyc last night, and it was probably the best skate video in the last 5 years. i had no expectations, i almost didn’t go, being a skate video from london that i know maybe 1 dude personally, and hadn’t really gotten familiar with the others’. i was like, ok, a skate video of pure city street skating, video parts back to back, i’ve seen those. and then when it was announced it was 38 min long, i was like, shit am i gonna be leaving early?

but this was executed and compiled so damn well. so many lines were so thoughtful and impressive, where you’re like, holy shit how many times did he try those 7 tricks to end in a sw flip nose manual? it was also a treat to see footage from stills in grey skate mag. london is killing it. i actually want to compile the soundtrack, which is the 1st time i’ve thought that since i was 20 and yeah right came out. i mean nick jensen skated to kate bush. i hope this will restore alex olson’s faith in skate video music, and skateboarding as a whole, the way it has mine. i mean really, if you only pay attention to good shit, you might not think skateboarding is terrible.

don’t even watch a trailer, just watch the video. i imagine it’ll be available at all the best skate shops, and online at theories of atlantis, in a few weeks.

- allen ying

colin read’s full length is going to be awesome, and includes the subway skating section featured in 43 issue 003, along with more epic projects.
we’re so psyched to be a part of this, see you there!

tengu: god of mischief
a film by colin read


thurs aug 29, 2013

art & photo show


salomon arts gallery
83 leonard st. 4th floor
b/t church & broadway
manhattan, new york

featuring previously unreleased works by
allen ying, alex fogt, ben kilpatrick, brian downey, carlos young,
cooper winterson, jayme lemperle, john lindsay, and many more.


world premiere

doors: 8:30pm
screening: 9pm

sunshine cinema
143 east houston st.
manhattan, new york

fb rsvp and previews


originally posted may 5, 2013:

new york magazine

vice interview

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life and times interview

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others’ hashtagged photos of 43 and photo shows

added june 26, 2013:

ryu island interview

monster children magazine, issue 39, 2013
(click to read)

transworld skateboarding magazine, june 2013 issue

manual magazine (new zealand)

maps magazine (korea)

apr 9, 2013, we held a photography show for the release of issue 003,
a new york city issue, at {temp} art space in tribeca.

quim cardona, aaron herrington, curtis rapp, dave caddo, jordan trahan


just before it got really packed


jahmal williams and his son jack! 3 subway skating photos in back


43 designer, alex konsevick, with raffle product from labor, hopps, politic, shut, and theories


cole giordano and alex konsevick, bao kombucha on tap behind them


jordan trahan – 360 flip – flushing meadows park, queens – oct 2012


 two-hawks young and terrill simecki


looping on the projector were the static iv trailer, a new jordan trahan
clip for wesc, the trailer for colin read’s upcoming video tengu,
the 1st subway skating clip, and the politic miami promo.


then we turned off all the lights and screened the unreleased subway
skating clip which accompanies the article in issue 003.


thanks for patiently waiting in line to enter, we were over capacity.


jeremy elkin and theories of atlantis put together a 1 min video of the event.

thanks wesclaborelementshutpolitic, and theories for the support,
brooklyn brewery and bao fresh kombucha for the refreshments,
and {temp} art space for hosting us!

a couple more photos on the 43 fb