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john motta – backside kickflip – phoenix, arizona - by tyler bush – 2012


justin brock – ollie up, frontside ollie – taipei, taiwan - by marcel veldman – 2012


peter hewitt – rock & roll – imperial valley, california - by brian fick – 2012
kyle knoblauch – kickflip backside 50-50 – philadelphia, pennsylvania - by zander taketomo – 2010

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a sample of the premiere issue

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contents: 43, photographs 1, brendan klein photo series, brian delatorre, photographs 2

daryl angel – fakie 5-0 grind – berlin, germany – by hendrik herzmann – 2010


opening spread for ”easy come, easy go” by brendan klein

adam morgan – frontside slide and roll – north hollywood, california – 2010
skaters from sacramento – watsonville, california – 2010


opening spread for the brian delatorre feature

nollie kickflip – the bronx, new york – by allen ying – 2009

ok, we get it. you’re all great skateboarders. as good as the pros, maybe better. cool. maybe gatorade will put you on the team, and grandma can tune in to watch you on street league. your youtube part is probably insane; HD slow-mos of you tying your shoes and whatnot? epic. but to be honest, you could back noseblunt the space shuttle as it re-entered the earth’s atmosphere and i’d still be bored; because it’s not about what you do, but how you do it. and the truth is, brian delatorre’s “how you do it” is one of the best in the game right now. so put down your trophies and prize money for a moment, but don’t bother taking notes. natural swagger can’t be learned, only observed and appreciated.

- josh stewart

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