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43 magazine – back issue – issue 003 – a new york city issue

we just received 75 copies of 43 003 back in stock from our printer! this all new york city issue has been our most sought after issue, and has been sold out pretty much since it came out. this is the last chance to get one!

click here to see more info and preview images, and to order some!

in the interest of freedom of press and speech, please take a few moments to reflect on the recent assault on charlie hebdo in paris. with the concept of raising awareness at the core of 43’s mission, it is important for us to recognize this was an attack on all media, publishing, and forms of expression.

thank you.

43 magazine – issue 005 – jan-jun 2015
released dec 16, 2014
2,500 copies printed
10 3/8″ x 10 3/8″
40 pages

front cover:
al davis – kickflip – montreal, canada – 2014 – by allen ying

back cover:
joel meinholz – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2010 – by allen ying

aaron herrington, al davis

al davis, victor garibay, ben gore, aaron herrington, jake johnson, chris jones, kevin long, zach lyons, adrian mallory, tony manfre, joel meinholz, flo mirtain, alex olson, tino razo, jordan taylor

ben colen, richard hart, nicolas huynh, jonathan mehring, eric palozzolo, andrew peters, alex schmidt, jared sherbert, cameron strand, allen ying

anthony g. pappalardo, allen ying

5boro, atlas, chapman, cliche, huf, ripndip, scumco & sons, shut

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a sample of issue 005

from dec 16-21, 2014, we had a photography show at heron arts
in san francisco, california, to celebrate the release of issue 005.

these are some photos of the show and from the opening reception.

the show featured photographs from issue 004 & 005.


ryan lay, jordan taylor, jordan trahan, ernie torres, joel meinholz, and al davis.


yonnie cruz, tony manfre, gilbert crockett, and curren caples.



al davis has the cover, a full interview in issue 005, and a mouth full of
sunflower seeds; and he just turned pro the week before, congrats!



 terry barentsen, marina forte, and tatum mangus.


annette hartman and kate kilgour.


hats, shirts, and skateboards from 5boro and scumco & sons
were raffled off to those who purchased magazines.



ben gore(left) ollies over leo valls, shot by richard hart(right);
as seen in issue 005, as well as magenta’s old woops new groove.


checking out aaron herrington’s interview in issue 005.


al davis.


patrick beaudouin and 80s joe staley.


johann the dog and friends.


cameron strand and his photo of victor garibay from issue 005.


cameron strand and friends with his photo of ernie torres from issue 004.


dave chami and evan kinori.


checking out the photo of jordan taylor shot by alex schmidt.


this is a little video of the show a day before the opening.


thanks everyone for joining us!

issue 005 is out now, featuring interviews with aaron herrington and al davis.
find it locally or order one direct.

thanks jenny houser, kate kilgour, and nich kunz for helping out,
510, 5boro, scumco & sons, and vans for the support,
anchor brewing for the beer,
and heron arts for hosting us!

view more on 43’s facebook page.



dear friends,
please join us on tues dec 16 in san francisco to celebrate the release of 43 issue 005!
if you’re not in san francisco, please let your friends know!


43 magazine
issue 004 & 005
photography show

opening reception
tues dec 16, 2014
7-11 p.m.

heron arts
7 heron st.
b/t 7th & 8th st.
san francisco, california

anthony acosta, richard hart, jonathan mehring, eric palozzolo, andrew peters, alex schmidt, cameron strand, zander taketomo, xeno tsarnas, allen ying

willy akers, raney beres, curren caples, gilbert crockett, yonnie cruz, al davis, victor garibay, ben gore, aaron herrington, ryan lay, kevin long, adrian mallory, tony manfre, josh matthews, joel meinholz, alex olson, jordan taylor, ernie torres, jordan trahan

product raffle at the opening

with support from:
510 skate shop, 5boro, scumco & sons, vans, anchor brewing

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43 005 is now available for pre-order!

order before sat nov 15, 2014 to have it ship straight from the press in mid dec 2014.

43 supports local skateboard shops around the world and the culture they create.
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opening spread for the ryan lay interview

frontside nosegrind – brooklyn, new york – 2013

photography by allen ying
interview by adam salo

 “I don’t know what [a pro career] even means anymore. I don’t want to be fatalistic about skateboarding but I kind of don’t really see it. I feel like a lot of companies have so much overhead, and part of the success of these smaller brands is that they are so lean and can adapt quickly and take risks. I think those smaller companies are much more realistic about their goals and intentions.”


 opening spread for the yonnie cruz interview

ollie, backside 50-50 – manhattan, new york – 2013

photography by allen ying
interview by anthony g. pappalardo

What’s apparent in talking to Yonnie is his passion for skateboarding and the appreciation for the lifestyle it’s given him. There’s no talk of currency – only legacy and the commitment to carrying on the lineage of Southern Florida and East Coast skateboarding as a whole, as it was presented to him as a teen.

“It’s an adrenaline rush finding something awesome and having to do tricks before you get kicked out. It all comes with the feeling that your own skateboard gives you. I like looking where no one wants to and trying to go down every dead end.”


 opening spread for the danilo parra interview

portrait by bryan derballa
interview by allen ying

“The señora really eyed me up and down as I acted like an awkward mute; I moved my hands up and down like I was air juggling. I was ushered to the roof where I sat in a trashed up room by myself for an hour awaiting the street girls. When they finally showed up they started smoking rubber cement mixed with crack, reenacting their seductive robbery techniques, and having a dance party. I filmed it all on a flipcam, then snuck out to find the rest of the film crew just chilling comfortably at a nearby restaurant. It’s a tough life being a street juggler.”

danilo parra is an artist interviewed in this issue. this is his 2014 demo reel. please check danilop.com and vimeo.com/danilop for some full pieces and trailers.


left: curren caples – frontside hurricane – los angeles, california – by anthony acosta – 2013
right: al davis – wallie backside 180 – san francisco, california – by eric palozzolo – 2013


issue 004 main info
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43 magazine – issue 004 – may-oct 2014
released apr 15, 2014
2,800 copies printed
10 3/8″ x 10 3/8″
40 pages

front cover:
willy akers – ollie – manhattan, new york – by zander taketomo – 2013

back cover:
sylvester eduardo – hardflip – queens, new york – by allen ying – 2013

ryan lay, yonnie cruz, danilo parra

willy akers, raney beres, curren caples, gilbert crocket, yonnie cruz, al davis, sylvester eduardo, louie lopez, aaron ‘jaws’ homoki, ryan lay, jeremy leabres, ernie torres, jordan trahan, ishod wair

anthony acosta, bryan derballa, jonathan mehring, eric palozzolo, aaron smith, cameron strand, zander taketomo, xeno tsarnas, allen ying

anthony g. pappalardo, adam salo, allen ying

5boro, atlas, huf, polar, traffic, shut, vans

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a sample of issue 004