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recent press – winter 2015

vice uk interviewed our publisher, allen ying, about some of his favorite spreads in 43 005.


huck magazine included 43 on their list of top skate related things of 2014.


recent press – winter 2014

please read some recent interviews and press from winter 2014

huck magazine (england) – issue 42, dec 2013 – jan 2014

an article on recent new york city based skateboard videos, interviewing colin read, josh stewart, and allen ying, with photos of jahmal williams, connor kammerer, colin read, koki loaiza, rob gonyon, al davis, piro sierra, josh stewart, and dustin eggeling.

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lodown magazine (germany) – issue 89, dec/jan/feb 2014
interview/review, with photos of connor kammerer, eli reed, and eby ghafarian.

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 surf, skate & snow – contre-culture
independently published book from france,
with photos of anthony schultz and dave caddo.

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staf magazine (spain)

online interview with various preview images of the 1st 3 issues of 43.

ny times features photos from 43

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the new york times featured allen ying’s photography in the metropolitan 
(new york city) section of the sept 15, 2013, sunday times.

from the static iv article:
yonnie cruz – switch ollie – manhattan, new york – 2012

from the subway skating article:
koki loaiza – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2013
eby ghafarian – frontside smith grind – manhattan, new york – 2012

the 4th is from roof skating missions with colin read:
eby ghafarian – roll-in – manhattan, new york – 2012

the online version includes a slideshow of more photographs:
of jahmal williams, eli reed, connor kammerer, and dave caddo.

both the subway skating and roof skating projects are part of
‘tengu: god of mischief’, available for pre-order at
mandibleclaw.com (also look for the 2 trailers there)

disclaimer: the journalist who wrote the article is truly passionate about his craft, and put in extra efforts to present accurate information. we talked for quite a while, and he had far too much information to fit in a small space. it also isn’t easy for a non-skater to write about skateboarding, and to do so in a way that non-skaters can understand it. it’s just too much of it’s own world. as a result, some of the vocabulary and quotes aren’t exactly accurate, for example referring to a skate spot as a skatepark; “breaking the law and skating” wasn’t an exact quote. in the end, my overall feelings were pretty accurately portrayed, and i am excited for the message to reach the new york times audience.

– allen ying

issue 003 press previews

originally posted may 5, 2013:

new york magazine

vice interview

the berrics LA photo show preview

mighty healthy nyc photo show event photos

life and times interview

milk made interview

heavy discussion interview

others’ hashtagged photos of 43 and photo shows

added june 26, 2013:

ryu island interview

monster children magazine, issue 39, 2013
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transworld skateboarding magazine, june 2013 issue

manual magazine (new zealand)

maps magazine (korea)

issue 002 press previews

(photo courtesy of shut skateboards)


mia skate shop

remember paper 1

remember paper 2

remember paper 3

manual magazine NZ

wood mag belgium

kickerclub china

manual magazine NZ

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big thanks to jake mein for the review in new zealand’s manual magazine.
they are also selling copies of issue 002 from their online store,
if you’re in new zealand, hit them up!

color magazine

color magazine – spring 2012 issue 10.1
review by isaac mckay-randozzi
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an antics review of 43 from dec 2011.
antics is an independent dutch skate scene website.