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the new york times featured allen ying’s photography in the metropolitan 
(new york city) section of the sept 15, 2013, sunday times.

from the static iv article:
yonnie cruz – switch ollie – manhattan, new york – 2012

from the subway skating article:
koki loaiza – ollie – manhattan, new york – 2013
eby ghafarian – frontside smith grind – manhattan, new york – 2012

the 4th is from roof skating missions with colin read:
eby ghafarian – roll-in – manhattan, new york – 2012

the online version includes a slideshow of more photographs:
of jahmal williams, eli reed, connor kammerer, and dave caddo.

both the subway skating and roof skating projects are part of
‘tengu: god of mischief’, available for pre-order at
mandibleclaw.com (also look for the 2 trailers there)

disclaimer: the journalist who wrote the article is truly passionate about his craft, and put in extra efforts to present accurate information. we talked for quite a while, and he had far too much information to fit in a small space. it also isn’t easy for a non-skater to write about skateboarding, and to do so in a way that non-skaters can understand it. it’s just too much of it’s own world. as a result, some of the vocabulary and quotes aren’t exactly accurate, for example referring to a skate spot as a skatepark; “breaking the law and skating” wasn’t an exact quote. in the end, my overall feelings were pretty accurately portrayed, and i am excited for the message to reach the new york times audience.

– allen ying