skateboarding has forever embodied a beautiful spirit of conflict, independence, imagination, and triumph. an emblem of anti-establishment, skateboarding encourages the questioning of authority, a challenging of the status quo, and the exploration of free, alternative thinking. through the years, in its purest form, it has risen to giant levels of historic significance, positively impacting society and the youth counterculture in ways never imagined.

as much as we all love skateboarding, somewhere along the way its progressive and creative nature became watered down and seemingly lost in its mainstream emergence. although this has caused a great distraction, the magic of skateboarding is not completely forgotten.


mission statement

the mission of 43 is to remind the world that beyond the curtain of excess commercialization, the beauty and artistry of actual skateboarding remains, still fueled by the same innovation, passion, and wonder as when we all rolled down the street for the first time.

through exceptional photography, artwork, design, print, and written word, 43 promotes inspirational, original, enduring, and mindful skateboarding, encompassing the best qualities and feelings that continually emanate from the soul of skateboarding.