left: alex olson – frontside ollie – by jonathan mehring – manhattan, new york – 2013
right: ben gore – ollie over leo valls – san francisco, california – by richard hart – 2014


 closing spread for the aaron herrington interview

frontside smith grind – manhattan, new york – 2014

interview & photography by allen ying

“When I started skating for Polar I was 22, and shortly after Pontus [Alv] was asking me how I felt about turning pro. I was working two jobs, and filming for The Brodies and Static IV. I told Pontus I didn’t want to turn pro ‘til Static was out and I was 25. When I was younger I would’ve just said yes and hopped on the idea, but after working and balancing out filming and skating, I wanted to feel that I deserved it and wanted people to think it was appropriate.”


 opening spread for the al davis interview

fence wallie over gate – montreal, canada – 2014

photography by allen ying
interview by anthony g. pappalardo

If you want to cash in on skating, there’s a definite path now. But you don’t seem to treat it like a job. Why go the other way?

It seems too staged, man. Me and the GX crew aren’t about that part of skating. We’re just going on our instincts and how we were raised on skating. If I try to force something, it just gets fucked up, so I go with the flow.
I could be like, “Let’s do this, right now, let’s go! Get the generator, let’s call up the photographer, blah blah.” I have done that before, but it doesn’t feel right.”


left: jake johnson – switch pole jam – los angeles, california – by jared sherbert – 2012
right: victor garibay – frontside boardslide – los angeles, california – by cameron strand – 2014


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