this is a series of photos shot in between shooting the skate photos in 43 003
– with the static iv crew, subway skating with the tengu crew, and various other
ventures while skating around new york city.

these skateboarders embody a pure spirit of skateboarding, with the talents and following that influence the growing independent, authentic, and underground scene within the larger realm of skateboarding today.

all photographs by allen ying.

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jake johnson, chris jata, austin kanfoush, turned away by a security guard.
roosevelt island, manhattan, 2012.


 ryan garshell, austin kanfoush, chris jata, aaron herrington, jake johnson.
roosevelt island, manhattan, 2012.


kevin tierney, stretch out and wait (for josh to finish filming jahmal).
downtown manhattan, 2012.


josh stewart filming jahmal williams for static iv. downtown manhattan, 2012.


dustin eggeling, quim cardona, kevin tierney, josh stewart. tribeca, manhattan, 2013.


quim cardona. tribeca, manhattan, 2013.


manhattan, 2012.


 joe bressler filming dustin eggeling. midtown manhattan, 2012.


 joe bressler. midtown manhattan, 2012.


bobby puleo. greenpoint, brooklyn, 2012.


ryan garshell. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


yonnie cruz. wiliamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


 quim cardona playing his melodica. downtown manhattan, 2012.


jason spivey just after his frontside ollie in 43 003.
downtown manhattan, 2012.


shawn powers. lower east side, manhattan, 2012.


jordan trahan, tombo colabraro, danny falla. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


dylan witkin. williamsburg, brooklyn, 2012.


dylan witkin pushing up to his ollie over backside wallride in 43 003.
bushwick, brooklyn, 2012.


5boro crew. crown heights, brooklyn, 2012.


rob gonyon, new yorker. midtown manhattan, 2013.


joey pepper’s vintage chevy. long island city, queens, 2012.


joey pepper. long island city, queens, 2012.


joey pepper landing a water bottle on top of the handball wall.
the bronx, 2012.


al davis. navy yard, brooklyn, 2012.


eby ghafarian. navy yard, brookyln, 2012.


walker ryan just before his switch wallie on the back cover of 43 003.
downtown manhattan, 2012.


oscar meza. alphabet city, manhattan, 2012.


 connor kammerer keeping balance while skating on a moving subway car. manhattan, 2012.


colin read filming piro sierra
ollie and then kickflip from train car to train car, to train car.
manhattan, 2013.


connor kammerer. manhattan, 2012.


eby ghafarian, hurting for that smith grind. manhattan, 2012.


connor kammerer. manhattan, 2012.


if you lay on escalator handrails like this, you’ll spin. colin read. queens, 2012.


connor kammerer ollies into a subway car. manhattan, 2012.


koki loaiza getting runway to ollie the subway tracks. manhattan, 2013.


 piro sierra after hitting his knees on some train pole handles. manhattan, 2013.


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