we don’t write reviews, but damn ‘eleventh hour’ premiered at sunshine cinemas here in nyc last night, and it was probably the best skate video in the last 5 years. i had no expectations, i almost didn’t go, being a skate video from london that i know maybe 1 dude personally, and hadn’t really gotten familiar with the others’. i was like, ok, a skate video of pure city street skating, video parts back to back, i’ve seen those. and then when it was announced it was 38 min long, i was like, shit am i gonna be leaving early?

but this was executed and compiled so damn well. so many lines were so thoughtful and impressive, where you’re like, holy shit how many times did he try those 7 tricks to end in a sw flip nose manual? it was also a treat to see footage from stills in grey skate mag. london is killing it. i actually want to compile the soundtrack, which is the 1st time i’ve thought that since i was 20 and yeah right came out. i mean nick jensen skated to kate bush. i hope this will restore alex olson’s faith in skate video music, and skateboarding as a whole, the way it has mine. i mean really, if you only pay attention to good shit, you might not think skateboarding is terrible.

don’t even watch a trailer, just watch the video. i imagine it’ll be available at all the best skate shops, and online at theories of atlantis, in a few weeks.

– allen ying