thanks for coming out to kinfolk studios last friday, sept 28.

the show is up until oct 11, 2012,
exhibiting 26 photographs from the last 10 years.

kinfolk studios
90 wythe ave @ n 11th st
brooklyn, new york

contact allen ying if you’re interested in purchasing a print,
or browse 43’s brand new online store to order one while supplies last.

check out some photos of the opening, courtesy of taji ameen:

 2005-2006 area


there are 2 photos of brian delatorre from 2008 in the show.


kinfolk studios


andy picked up an 11″ x 14″ print of jerry mraz from 2008 for $50.


dogbone rob taking a browse before picking up a print of steve rodriguez from 2003.


there’s a print of jimmy mcdonald from 2008 in the show.


photographer allen ying


steve rodriguez, and an ollie photo of him from 2003, just passed his right shoulder.


andy kormos picked up an 11″ x 14″ print of gonz skating the brooklyn banks, shot in 2006.

view more photos on 43’s facebook page.

thanks everyone for coming out,
and to 5boro, wesc, vans, and asahi for the support!