43 magazine

focus skate mag

focus skate mag – jan/feb 2012 issue
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pdn magazine (photo district news)
discusses 43 in their march 2012 diy issue
alongside 2 other magazines founded by photographers:
trunk and dossier journal.

press – fall 2011

t - the new york times style magazine t – the new york times style magazine
including images scanned from 43
interview magazine interview magazine
theories of atlantis theories of atlantis
nyskateboarding.com nyskateboarding.com
wesc wesc


vice magazine

vice magazine previews the 43 intro media kit

already been done

an in-depth interview with allen ying about 43.

already been done is a website of original skateboard culture editorial presented in a thoughtfully straightforward and legible manner. this is the best way to do so, and it’s quite uncommon. thanks for the interview.

the WG news + arts

the WG news + arts is a quality brooklyn paper with impressive color reproduction on
newsprint. the september 2011 issue features 43 magazine founder & photographer
allen ying on the cover, with an in-depth interview and photo feature inside.

allen ying – wallride – the brooklyn banks – by jimmy mcdonald – 2009


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dave caddo – ollie – fort greene – 2006


brian delatorre – kickflip – southside williamsburg – 2009
todd jordan – switch backside 5-0 grind – long island city – 2004


jake johnson – frontside bluntslide – roosevelt island – 2006
eli reed – switch kickflip – downtown manhattan – 2008


dave willis – backside noseblunt slide – battery park – 2010


brooklyn magazine

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brookyln magazine – fall 2011 issue
43 magazine is #7 in the article: “things to know – the brooklyn 20”.

side note – the first feature in the article is about vinyl record sales
climbing while the music industry slumps, noting brooklyn having
the highest concentration of pressing plants on the east coast.